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A Word From The Team Room

We challenge the status quo in this industry. We're not a "whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, militant group." If that's what you're looking for, we may not be for you. We're boxed wine drinking thinkers who are passionate about creating a stronger, more empowered nation. Our goal is for you to leave every course understanding the "WHY" behind what we do. We don't want you to feel forced into a way of life just because you train with us.

When you attend an Apex Training Solutions course, you should leave feeling challenged, empowered, and fulfilled. Join us and elevate your potential.



CEO, Founder, Security Consultant, Instructor of Long Range, CQB, and Foreign Weapons.


Big Tone

Precision Marksmanship & Field Craft Instructor



COO of the Apex Long Range Division, Co-Founder, Sniper Instructor, Long Range Curriculum Developer



Co-Owner, Security Advisor, Instructor of CQB, Infantry Tactics, and Marksmanship.

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