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COO of the Apex Long Range Division, Co-Founder, Sniper Instructor, Long Range Curriculum Developer

Francis is an active duty Marine currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. As of 2021, Santore has served for 7 years, and is currently an Urban Scout Sniper Course and Aerial Sniper Course instructor, at II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) Expeditionary Operations Training Group (EOTG). Prior to his instructor billet, Francis was the Chief Scout Sniper of 3rd Battalion 6th Marines, a Scout Sniper Team Leader in 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, and the Scout Sniper Liaison for the 7th Marine Regiment Gunner’s Cadre. In the Marine Scout Sniper Community, he is referred to as a “Razorback,” because he has attended and graduated from all five Sniper Courses that the Marine Corps has to offer, including: Scout Sniper Course, Scout Sniper Advanced Course, Mountain Scout Sniper Course, Urban Scout Sniper Course, and Aerial Sniper Course.

Marine Corps Certifications:

  • Scout Sniper Course;

  • Mountain Scout Sniper Course;

  • Scout Sniper Advanced Course;

  • Urban Scout Sniper Course;

  • Aerial Sniper Course;

  • Combat Marksmanship Coach;

  • Combat Marksmanship Instructor.

  • Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival

  • Method of Entry School

  • Foreign Weapons Instructor


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