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Security Advisor, Instructor of CQB, Pistol, and Carbine Fundamentals

Tony served for 5 in the United States Marine Corps infantry, ending his active duty service in 2017 as a Sergeant. He was a CQB team leader and Marksmanship fundamentals coach. After returning from a deployment to Africa, Shri Lanka and Yemen. He trained service members on how to safely and accurately handle weapons, ranging from the M9 to the M4. Shortly after ending his active service, he enlisted into the Army Reserves for 5 years. Here he was attached to a psychological warfare unit as well as the 6/52 Aviation Regiment. While in the Army Tony served as the battalion UMT( Unit Marksmanship Trainer). He was responsible for all matters pertaining to yearly qualification, marksmanship and range operations. Tony has also placed top 5% in shooting competition from Paris Island’s annual Intramural Shoot.

Marine Corps and Army Certifications:

  • Close Quarters Battle (8154);

  • Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor Brown Belt 1st Degree.

  • Range Safety Officer;

  • Marine Security force Guard;

  • Advance Infantry Course.

  • Marine Rifleman (0311).

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care

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