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Might be your local Pharmacist

Meet Regent.

He went to college for a career in the medical field, and is now a Pharmacist. He has been shooting for about 14 years. When he first began attending competitions it was normally for practical carbine and pistol competitions. He even loves to shoot skeet locally, something that he didn't get into until about two years ago.

Prior to living in Florida, he used to attend local precision matches in Pennsylvania that had targets out to about 600 yards. He attributes his love for precision shooting to his love for math and physics.

Like many of us he also just "really likes the guns; my favorite are military sniper rifles with the M40 at the top of the list".

How he will be competing:


- Quantified Performance

- 3 Gun

What he hopes to accomplish is:

"I really look forward to improve my shooting skills to help me teach my kids as well as just develop the skills. I am making it my goal to develop my skills through training and practice and win matches to help other shooters or novices develop their skills.

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