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Future Lawyer of America

Meet Joseph.

Joseph is currently in Law School at Florida A&M University and is a die hard firearms enthusiast. His love for firearms began at a young age with his father when they would attend their local NRA club range days once a month on Saturdays. As he got older he developed a love for not only sport shooting, but also hunting and firearm history.

He met our founder Damian at a local retail firearms store in Jacksonville, Florida and this is when he started learning about precision shooting and precision firearms. Following the founding of Apex Training Solutions, he took the first Long Range class available with his Bergara HMR Pro and has been hooked since.

How he will be competing:


- Quantified Performance

What he hopes to accomplish is:

He really wants to be a part of the 2A community and continue to hone his skills. He knows that by shooting in competitions it will not only validate the knowledge and skills he currently has; it will also give him a way to learn new skills and techniques.

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