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T2C2: Tactical Trauma Casualty Care

Based from common military TCCC, T2C2 is a completely different beast

  • Price Varies
  • Ranch Road|Shadd Farms|Jacksonville|Ponte Vedra

Service Description

Built and developed to meet the individual needs of each class. This could be for the civilian that wants to be prepared for anything and feel confident in how to react to an emergency such as a mass casualty incident such as a mass shooting or bombing, or we train to meet the tactical needs for Law Enforcement or Military, such as a multiple officer down scenarios or Covert situations, treating the casualty with no light or limited supplies. This is required knowledge for the survival of your team, not just knowledge for your medic. Our Subject matter experts will teach Stopping the threat,Triage of traumatic injuries, Tactical considerations, Elimination of new or returning threats, emergency care at injury site, movement of the injured, understanding Cover vs Concealment, Casualty Collection points, patient evaluations, understanding the major points of A&P, injury treatment, no supplies treatments, documentation, communicating with medical providers or command unit, evacuations. Understanding the psychological role of seeing deceased during tactical situations, respect for deceased.

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