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Aerial operations

The most UTD tactics from a CURRENT Marine Aerial Sniper Instructor

  • 32 hr
  • Starting at 1000 per
  • At your units location of choice.

Service Description

This course is taught by our very own Sgt. Santore who is a current Urban Sniper instructor at 2nd EOTG. As an instructor at the Urban School house, he is also charged with teaching Aerial Sniper. We offer this program in order to improve upon and/or validate current unit aerial programs. It is important to have SWAT officers and their local aviation assets on the same page. While firing from the moving platform is a unique skill, there are more important aspects to being an aerial asset. The operator needs to know how to control the pilot based upon his own needs in accordance with the unit mission. It is also important for the aviation asset to understand the operator since they are the eyes for the ground units. Our curriculum will ensure the pilot and SWAT member are on the same page. We will also ensure your unit understands their own capabilities and limitations when it comes to utilizing aerial assets. *This course should be taken by unit snipers in conjunction with aviation assets that would typically be used during local operations. This way we can ensure that everyone is trained on the most up to date tactics to complete the mission* In this course you will become more proficient in the following Aerial Sniper Skills : -Selection of rifle and optic based on mission -Ballistics -Helicopter safety -Proper helicopter shooting rig employment -Roles of the shooter and pilot - Communication procedures - Observing and Reporting from a Helicopter to ground units. -Multiple target engagement and considerations -Use of Force -OODA Loop. - Rapid employment of aerial asset - Aerial Marksmanship

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