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Training Never Stops

Training shouldn't stop once you leave a course with us. Please feel free to download and utilize any of the targets you may have seen during your training block.

The only things we ask are for you too: Stay Safe, Stay Proficient, and Have Fun.

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Free Targets

 Zero Target

This target is designed to make the zeroing process of any rifle easier.

It can also be used for a pistol RDS!

Consistency Check

The "Consistency Check" is an important part of any range day where precision is the goal.

Sniper 21 DOT Drill

The "21 Dot Drill" is designed to test basic skills associated with rifle shooting as well as finding out how you operate under a little pressure. 

 NPA Target

Get out of your comfort zone by checking your "NPA" or Natural Point of Aim with this target.

 Positional NPA Target

Lets take the last drill one step further by getting out of the prone!

Pistol Cadence Drill

Use this drill to see how your group opens up on the range as you increase your speed. Try to tighten this up as you progress.

L/R Drill

Practice "breaking" your sights all on one target backer. This is a beneficial drill if you find yourself training indoors, or on a crowded range. 

Looking for another?

If you attended an Apex Training Solutions course and do not see a target we trained with here, please reach out to us so we can ensure that we make it available to you!

Keep in mind

These targets are a great reference point of where you are and what you need to work on. We do not suggest that you substitute training courses with these targets, however, if you can not make it to a course these can keep you in check if used correctly.


We will also provide guidance on proper use if you have any questions!

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