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School Resource Officer Pistol Course




4 Hours

About the Course

In this course we will cover:

- Self defense Mindset

- Gun Fighting (personal protection) vs. Gun ‘Range Shooting’

- Equipment overview

- Grip Review

- Dominant Eye check

- Immediate action review

- Shooting Stance and Body Positioning overview

- Understanding Line of Sight in public Environments

- Correct Drawing and Re-Holstering Techniques

- Getting Off the X & what's next

- Two Handed Sighted Shooting Techniques

- Two Handed Point shooting

- Recoil management

- Shooting and Moving: Forward and Backwards

- Speed Reload vs. Tactical reload

- Understanding and Effectively Using Trigger Reset

- Multiple Threat Priorities, acquisition, & Engagement

BONUS Learning

- Introduction to Stop-The-Bleed; Proper development of a IFAK and use of a tourniquet


- Be a current or future School Resource Officer

-Be a current "School Guardian"

*Teachers can be considered for attendance. If you are a teacher and you are interested please contact us.

Required Gear:

- Duty Pistol with Holster and 250 rounds

- Duty Gear (Dress how you would on campus; Mag Pouches, holster, belt, boots, shoes, etc. )


- Water Source

- Note taking Material

This course would typically be far more expensive, however, we feel the individuals protecting our children deserve a break.

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